Balcony Gardening: The Battle.

The tomato has been planted in it’s ginormous pot.  Pot has been placed on it’s stand.  I have sustained a life threatening injury, that seemed minor in the whole accomplishment.

I cut myself.  There was not a knife within 20 yards of me, but I managed it on wire.  Rusty wire.  I expect to die by the end of the week.  But the tomato is outside in it’s home.

Flowers have been purchased.  I spent too much by going to a small local landscaping company that had a small selection of expensive flowers.  But all of them were in great shape and since I don’t really have a ton of space to fill, it really wasn’t outrageously expensive.  But key to the experience – NO CROWD.

Next Year: All plants with the exception of the tomato will be purchased in the pot they will live the rest of their life in.

No more repotting.

I dumped a nearly done planted pot on the ground, probably killing both plants in it.  It obviously needed to be repotted again.  I like putting things directly into the ground.  You can’t drop the ground.  Just saying.  I miss the ground.

I ruined a beloved t-shirt, possibly for even longer than til I wash it next.  Which won’t be today because instead of laundry I did balcony gardening.  Shut up.  Multi-tasking is a loser’s game.

I had a total of 6 plants to pot.  SIX.  In 4 pots.  And I made a mess that rivals people with gardens that cover acres.  And I still have to clean it up!! grrrrrr.

Also.  It’s not pretty.

More accurately,  it’s not as pretty as I magically thought it would be since I did not put any pre-thought into it and it shows.  Planning.  It’s so simple and generally enjoyable.  I’m not sure why I didn’t indulge in it.

Next year will be different.

I’m seriously considering throwing away every damn thing but the tomato, although it’s what I cut myself on.  And I still haven’t netted it.

Remember when I was excited to balcony garden??!!   I used to enjoy this.  I don’t know what happened.

drama llama

4 thoughts on “Balcony Gardening: The Battle.

  1. We’ve had our share of disasters and problems too this year. We’re getting ready to transplant our seedlings outdoors. We move them from their starter greenhouse out to the garage to harden them off, as they call it, so being dumped outside isn’t as much of a shock. For some reason when we did that all of the leaves fell off our tomato seedlings. No idea why. The other seedlings are fine. So it was off to the garden center to buy tomato plants this year. The ground here is still so wet it squishes when I walk across the yard. If we didn’t have raised beds we wouldn’t be planting anything for another week at least.

    But there is still some amazing things going on. I saw the first humming birds of the season yesterday! They were coming in to check out a hanging flower basket in the front of the house.

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    1. That is too bad about the tomato plants! What variety did you have? I shall not remember to avoid it, but I will think that I will. My bran won’t even hold my annoyance at transferring plants into pots. I woke up this morning feeling quite content with my tiny bit of flowering shrubbery. :_)


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