Excited Kitten Chattering

There was a bird on a wire not to far from the window he was sitting in.

He was chattering because he was so excited to get at it.

He doesn’t know yet that proper hunters are SILENT.  He is just a baby.

Plus he’s had a very exhausting morning.  Much rushing about and jumping with many battles large and energetic. I don’t think such a tired Tim could maintain his self control to be silent even had someone taught him how to hunt quietly.

He just came over and plopped next to me into instant sleep.  Also a kitten thing.  100 miles an hour one moment, dead asleep the next.

6 thoughts on “Excited Kitten Chattering

  1. My 4 year old cat still chatters at the birds. She has never learned about quiet although she can catch a mouse! I always love the way they run, fall over and are dead asleep wherever they dropped. Treasure the kitten moments because they so away. They are replaced by equally cute behaviors (mostly) but more quiet and thoughtful moments. Maybe even lap hugging although I only have one of those.

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