I would like to celebrate that Moore wasn’t elected.

But all I can do is see the demographics.  2/3rds of white women voted for a man who preys on teenage girls.  


Jones, and the nation, was saved by black voters.  By a smart, well run, get out and vote movement among black citizens.  People who recognized a racist sexual predator was NOT  a good choice for congress.

I don’t know how to make white women pay attention.  To stop and think about the things that they have just accepted as part of the nature of life WHICH DO NOT HAVE TO BE.

I don’t know what will make anyone stop and think about the broader context.  To look beyond defending their identity and into facts in context.

And the lack of thinking is what has led to the state of this country.


11 thoughts on “WAKE UP!

  1. I think about this southern, white, female stupidity A LOT. Having once lived in the south and having spent three years with a evangelical southern college roommate, I have thoughts. The lack of rational thought goes hand in hand with evangelical Christianity. Evangelicals — especially the Southern Baptists — cherry pick from the Bible to support their white supremacist views, and they are often single issue voters. That vote is most often pro-life — a label which makes no sense, given that they believe in capital punishment and support the cops who execute Black Americans. They make their crusade against abortion rights THE issue, and the end justifies the means (look at their support for Operation Rescue/ doctor-killers).

    Their so-called logic makes no sense and they ignore their own hypocrisy. They don’t really follow Christ’s teachings (the prosperity gospel is especially ludicrous), but they wrap themselves in a Fox News/ Megachurch bubble and are convinced THEY are persecuted. Then they brainwash their white children, which is particularly easy when you homeschool or send them to religious schools, thereby keeping them safe in their white bubble, and the cycle continues.

    Also, there’s a lot of pressure to be sweet and non-combative, because “catching” a husband is, of course the most important thing.

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    1. I’ve been thinking pretty much along same lines that you’ve listed above — particularly the (sic)pro-life white women. Sadly, I do not see where those women will ever change, even if in so many ways they’re voting against their own interests. They’re pretty much a lost cause. What concerns me is the enormous absence of moderate, white, pro-choice, ‘liberal’ feminists who, time and time again, simply opt out of political engagement and voting in the first place. Their complacency in all of this (Trump et al..) is their complicity. This shit needs change.

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      1. But how do you get them to pay attention and get involved. How do you get the evangelicals to see how crazy their morality is.
        White women overall voted for Moore 63 to 34, but when you break out evangelical vs non you get evangelical white women 76 – 22 Moore; non-evangelical white women 74 – 21 Jones.


      2. I think the pro life crowd are a hopeless cause. It’s the complacent white liberal women that need to be goaded to engage and engage each other. White women need to seriously confront their privilege and their benign racism and complacency. And it’s not the job of women of colour to teach and motivate them – it’s our job. This is some seriously urgent shit and we need to mobilise like our lives depend on it. They do. I don’t live in America, but I’m from there and what’s happening in America impacts all of us.

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  2. That anyone could back Moore in the first place is mind boggling to me. That he was removed from the state court twice because he refused to obey the laws of the country should have been enough to disbar him from consideration in the first place. When one adds in the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct leveled against him… Oh dear lord…

    That an accused sexual predator was defeated by only 2 or 3% of the vote should terrify everyone in the country.

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    1. It terrifies me sometimes. Because I honestly think that the GOP voter is trending more and more to this kind of stupid group think. The GOP leadership is working to isolate them and keep that thinking alive. And it feels like we are headed straight into the toilet.


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