I bought a cat tree.

I got it quite cheaply compared to most of the cat trees you see, which was why I bought it.  No doubt it’s not as high quality, but…

Anyway, I bought it online in a fit of kitten love.  Then 24 hours later… it occurred to me to check how heavy the delivered box would be.  50lbs.  Huh.  OK.  I can lift that I guess… Up two flights of steps.  I guess.

Then it arrived.  The box was very large.  I was NOT going to be able to carry it.  But I triumphed.  I got out my two wheel cart, essential tool for all single people, tied the box to the cart and pulled that damn box up 2 flights of steps.  And didn’t kill myself by falling head first down the stairs.

Now it’s a box in my living room.  It’s still not a cat tree.

Apparently, cat trees don’t just happen when you open the box.  ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED.

Assembly has not shown up and the box been waiting since Tuesday.

Saturday – the traditional day to celebrate the Assembly is Required footnote.  I think Assembly must show up today because the cats are currently entertaining themselves by stampeding through the apartment like buffalo.

Happy Cat Stampede is a sound that I personally enjoy, but it is my understanding that other people do not.  And I am going to assume that the downstairs neighbor finds the cat stampede to be annoying.

Hopefully if we assemble this cat tree they will focus their play on the tree and do fewer stampedes at 6am.

I doubt it though.   Maybe she’s deaf.

12 thoughts on “I bought a cat tree.

  1. kitty stampedes at 6:00 AM. yeh, I know about them. that and their meowing at 6:00 AM it’s like “Hey! Are you awake? Don’t you know that I’m starving and gonna die soon??? Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!”

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    1. Mine feel that gnawing hunger at 3:30 am. And it’s my own fault of course. Once you give in, there is no going back. And I gave in. So now we have first breakfast in the middle of the night so that I get to sleep.


  2. They have you trained well. It’s amazing how fast it happens and how you aren’t aware of it. Hopefully the assembly fairy will show up and do her work. I wouldn’t bank that this will eliminate stampedes. They are kitties. How much noise could they make?

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  3. The two siamese do the early morning thing too. I’m not sure exactly what they’re doing out here at 4 in the morning, but it occasionally sounds like a herd of cows stampeding through the house. If they decide they’re really hungry, they’ll start banging on our bedroom door. If my wife or I do give up and go out, they yell at us, walk between our legs, and generally make pests of themselves until we feed them. And then we won’t see them again until they get hungry again. Basically we’ve been trained to be automatic feeding devices for cats.

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  4. Hello! Picture please of the “cat tree”. I’m not letting you get off that easily!!!!!

    And yes, cats are demanding in the morning. I like to think of them as are back up alarm clocks. Unfortunately they usually meow, scream, and run around like maniacs BEFORE the alarm clock.

    I want to see that cat tree!!!! And pics if the cats would be good too. 😻❤


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