Meet Rebel Tim

rebel tim day one

He is about 14 weeks give or take.  I got him from a woman who runs an informal rescue out of her pet supply store.  She can be counted on to have at least a few kittens and cats needing homes.

I introduced him to Bijou who is acting traditionally by hissing and growling as is prescribed by millennia of custom among cats.

Tim is not very impressed by her threats and has explored the entire apartment thoroughly, eaten a good dinner and now feels it is time for a cuddle.

BUT there will be NONE OF THAT.  Boundaries have been laid and he is not allowed to get on the bed.  Indeed, I have also gotten growled at for inviting him.

Tim and I are properly chastised.  We might seek solace in the dining room.  Where cranky pants calicos aren’t staking arbitrary claims to space.

I am hopeful that they will come to a completion of this cat meeting ritual sooner rather than later, if I just stay out of it.  But it’s hard not to participate in having a new kitten!

But I got the kitten for Bijou, not for me.  So.  I will attempt… Probably unsuccessfully… not to lavish a ton of attention on the kitten.

7 thoughts on “Meet Rebel Tim

    1. Resistance has been futile. He jumped up on to my chest just a moment ago. How can one not cuddle a purring kitten??? Tis impossible. As I explained to cranky calico. She has nothing polite to say in response to that.

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