Christianity’s Emotional Vampires

Using other people’s pain and suffering as leverage to proclaim your God is disgusting to me.

I think that is why I find Missionaries so unsympathetic.

When the real world is in real trouble and a person trots out a well worn and useless statement about how if we all trust God it will be OK, I want to scream.

NO.  No it won’t. Practical and real changes have to be made in the real world.  Systems need to be changed.  Prayers are not going to change things.  People doing things differently will change things.

And, frankly, when you pivot a national tragedy into a method of evangelization, you disgust me.

Believing in God.  Sharing your faith and comfort with people you know who already believe and would like to share that comfort with you. That is a normal and human thing to do.

But when you take the tragedy in someone’s life and twist it into a way to evangelize your God, you become an emotional vampire.

I’ve been a Christian.  You will not be able to fool me into thinking you are evangelizing for any other reason than to support your own self definition of being a “Spiritual Christian.”  Of being seen by your fellow Christians as being spirit filled.

You are taking another person’s grief and fear and tragedy and turning it into a way to feel better about you.  You are an emotional vampire.

When you manipulate the national events of shame and anger and fear into a moment to evangelize, you are an emotional vampire. You are NOT holy.  You are self involved and deluding yourself into thinking you are being righteous.  Or maybe you know your own hypocrisy but thought no one else knew.

Either way.  I really wish you would stop.

5 thoughts on “Christianity’s Emotional Vampires

  1. Yes. This.

    I posted on FB about how the NRA and GOP had given us a world where a soccer mom, caught in in the Vegas shooting, was calling her son and telling how much she loved him while trying to drag her wounded husband to safety. An evangelical posted about how guns aren’t the problem — the problem is, of course, a world that has hardened its heart to God.

    Which is such a copout. As you say, practical and real changes need to be made. Strict gun control could have mitigated the damage in Las Vegas.

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  2. Those kind of people infuriate me. Hardly is a natural disaster or other horrible event over than they crawl out of the woodwork to try to take advantage of the situation or make money from it any way they can.

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