Depression is Not a Choice

This idiot.  This Egotistical Moronic Attention Whore wrote a whole pop psychology thread about how – depressed people just need to be happy and change.  Just do it.

Mr. I don’t have a degree in any field related to this but I kick box and have a large following so I MUST KNOW  SOMETHING, RIGHT?

You know what?  It’s not just him.  Tumblr had a whole month where they put non professionals into their Q & A to answer questions about mental health.

Because our culture views mental health as a thing anyone can advise anyone on.

Do you know why I don’t talk about my ongoing nightmare of mental illness in real life?  Because of this shit.  Because my illness would then be subject to everyone’s foolish and uneducated thoughts.  I would be branded as just too lazy to change.  Enjoying my sadness.  And just to blame for all of the nightmare that has been happening in my life for 10 years.

And you know what?  I DON’T NEED THAT SHIT.

And fuckwit up there, with his kickboxing degree is telling me that it’s all just fake.  That my life’s nightmare is all a big self inflicted hoax.


He will go though life feeling like he is MR. FUCKING INSPIRATION. When in fact he is a like a hideous cancer of insidious doubt and self hatred inflicted on people with depression.

Do you know why he did this?  FOR ATTENTION.  LOOK AT ME.  GIVE ME HEARTS AND RETWEETS.  LOOK AT ME.  He is an attention whore entirely oblivious to the attack he just launched inside minds of thousands of humans.

DEPRESSION IS NOT AN ILLNESS ABOUT SITUATION.  It’s a mental state that continues no matter how fucking good things are. The best that can be said is that you manage better in different situations.

But believe me, for no particular reasons, I will feel better one day than another.  I will plunge into an abyss for no particular reason.  No doubt my life can aggravate it, like a germ will infect a wound.  But the germ would have been harmless without the wound.

But no matter the situation, the depression remains.  It ebbs and flows but it’s still there. Always.  And probably forever.

Fuckwit Andrew is the pus from the crusty boil on the worlds asshole.  Others wished him some terrible karma for his wrongheadedness.  But I wouldn’t wish this mental state on Trump. But I do wish he would shut the fuck up.

I don’t mind if people are attention whores, but don’t destroy other people for attention.

6 thoughts on “Depression is Not a Choice

  1. It’s another case of “my celebrity is just as good as your science.”

    Sorry that this was all over social media. It’s like Trump, sucking away all the energy that could have been used for more important things, i.e., anything.

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  2. I’m a psych nurse and I see those types of people everyday. It’s very unfortunate that even family and friends of people with depression believe that it doesn’t exist. Depression is a valid mental illness, and about 350 million people worldwide suffer from it. I just hate it when ignorant people label it as laziness, selfishness or manipulation just because they don’t understand the science behind it.


  3. You’re obsessed with how you feel, I promise you I’ve been there. You decided to take the easy route. You’re unable to take any responsibility because you’re a coward. You can’t be bothered to climb any hierarchy so you pretend depression is real to validate your boring life. Please please man up and take some responsibility, stop being mr average.
    I wouldnt say these things of you didn’t make a silly blog post, but this is genuinely how real men & women view ‘depressed’ people. We’re living in times whereby we need strong men, not these little self-pity, cringe


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