The GOP Need a New Self Definition

The GOP has spent the last 8 years defining itself by being against Obama.  That was what they stood for.  They had nothing substantial to say – just NO to anything Obama said.

In the long years of them trying desperately to repeal Obamacare, they NEVER came up with an alternative.  Their entire position was NO.  Not  “This is a better way. ” Just “No, not that.”

They now own the legislature and the Presidency and yet they are STILL defining themselves through Obama.

ryan tweet

It’s pathetic in the extreme.  Today’s reference was a bill that reversed the rule that protected hibernating animals from being killed by hunters.   Apparently they are proud of that, although I can’t imagine they could eke out even 10% of the population that would find that a laudable act.

If you review his twitter, Ryan often references the bills that way.  Reversing Obama.  Because that is all they have been successful at.  They have spent the last 3 months reversing rules put in place by various agencies under Obama.

The GOP still have no plan, no self definition, no formula – except No to Obama.

It is fairly common in a change of ruling party to reverse rules by agencies.  But what is odd is that it’s all defined that way.   They aren’t defining the reversals as a productive action in a defined plan and strategy for accomplishing goals.  They are defined as Reversing Obama.

There is no sign of defined structural plan for positive change.  They are too busy burning Obama in effigy through these often stupid and destructive reversals.

It really never occurs to them that they give more weight and power to the idea of Obama than Democrats ever could.

They are destined to fail as leaders until they stand up for something substantial instead of  defining themselves through Obama.  They should have refused to mention him, come up with definite clear constructive goals and related every reversal to those goals.   No, they are just weak.  Fighting a man who isn’t even there anymore.

4 thoughts on “The GOP Need a New Self Definition

  1. Their entire agenda for the past eight years has been based exclusively on nothing but their hatred for Obama and Clinton and their attempts to demonize both of them. And now that they have the power they’ve been so desperate to grab, they’re so busy trying to do damage control over Trump’s profiteering from the presidency, the Russian fiasco and everything else that they can’t get anything done, can’t even control the members of their own party…

    And they are responsible entirely for what’s going on. The GOP fostered this “take no prisoners” attitude that’s brought about the disunity in the republican members of the House by running extremists against more moderate candidates of their own party. Now that they actually have to try to govern the country, the radical members they elected who took that to heart are going to have to continue their hard line stance or risk alienating the dark money operations that backed their campaigns in the first place.

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  2. I am 100% in agreement with everything you say here and appreciate every act of resistance. In our political turmoil of dealing (reeling) with the daily outrage, we forget that the soil was prepared a long long time ago for our current predicament. The best possible outcome for me would be if the Republicans recognized that they are now reaping what they themselves sowed.

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