Don’t be naive about the future.

I wrote the following tweet last summer.


I certainly believed that.  It seemed utterly impossible that enough people could take him seriously.  There was a history of him running and dropping out when support was weak.

A lot of people dismiss the idea that he will win the election.  I think it is VERY dangerous to dismiss that idea.

He will win if people do not step up to the plate and vote AGAINST him.

Refusing to vote because you don’t like your options is both naive and irresponsible.  Because one of the options is very much better than the other, whether or not you agree with her policies or think she will make an ideal president.

She will NOT be the disaster area that Trump will be.  She will probably have an entirely forgettable term, with her only notable accomplishment being the first female President.

I imagine Bill will have more press being the First Gentleman.  He will be the show we all watch.  Because you know he’s going to make a clown car wreck of it.  Heck, vote for her just for that show.

But vote.  Because if you don’t vote and Trump wins, it will be your fault.


4 thoughts on “Don’t be naive about the future.

  1. Agreed on Trump. But, Clinton will be a welcome president in terms of her relationship with other leaders around the world and her efforts to help women and girls, which is a major issue here, but especially abroad. She is imperfect, but one thing that needs to be said loudly is party matters. Even if Trump were not a God-awful candidate, he represents a party that does see climate change as the problem it is, wants to reduce taxes on the wealthy and increase risk on those in poverty by doing away with the ACA and other needed programs, believes all Americans do not have equal rights, and wants to bomb every one into submission as a foreign relations strategy. We must build bridges, not walls and this party is the party of walls.

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  2. Certainly. I’m in favor of a president who leads a liberal agenda and who has a rational view of science.

    However, I worry about 2 groups of people not voting.
    Liberals who are ardent Sanders supporters
    Conservatives who can’t stomach either Trump or the idea of voting for a Democrat.

    They have to vote. Refusing to vote because your options aren’t ideal is naive and selfish. We must vote strategically when we cannot vote for our ideals. And these two groups of people need to face the fact that they have to vote strategically. Because if they don’t, it’s entirely possible he will win.

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  3. Clinton is not nearly as untrustworthy as the Republicans would have us believe. She is a political animal, true. She is secretive at times – as would anyone be who has had a bull’s eye on her forehead for 25+ years. But she is also a workhorse. She is going to try to accomplish the things she has set out to do. She isn’t going to turn around and genuflect before the NRA or give tax breaks to millionaires. I assume she will end up – like Obama – with a few signature pieces of major progress and a lot of smaller incremental steps toward a saner political system.

    What Trump would do is anyone’s best guess.

    I’m with her.

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