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  1. Unfortunately, I could list sets of facts that prove anything. Statistics don’t lie, statisticians do. the moon is red, the moon is gold, the moon is blue. all true. what does it mean. what do you want it to mean?

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    1. Except really the moon only LOOKS red, gold or blue. In actuality it’s closer to grey. http://www.universetoday.com/19626/color-of-the-moon/

      That is the problem. People think evidence is what they perceived immediately, what seems right.

      But scientific evidence isn’t that.

      However I get your point. Politicians certainly manipulate facts to their advantage now. Which is why factcheck has to use a scale of truth vs lie rather than just TRUE/FALSE.

      Still a great many issues would smoothed away by it. The US Gun Laws are based an out of date amendment. Abortion Issues are primarily based on Faith rather than evidence. Immigration controversy is based on fear rather than evidence. etc.

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