When Mom Made Veggies

They were always yummy.  I grew up liking almost all veggies as a result.  The exception is brussel sprouts which I will always maintain are an evil plot by SPECTRE.  I mean who else would make such an adorable LOOKING veggie and then imbue it with such a bitter horrible taste?  It’s obvious once you look at the evidence.

Anyway, Mom made veggies all kinds of ways, from simple steamed veggies to casseroles.  I always liked them.

Just so you are aware – the premade, preflavored frozen mixes – they just don’t meet that same level of yum.

Today begins my “take better care of  your body” regime.  It has recently been made clear to me that I’m

  1. Fat
  2. Constipated
  3. Hobbled

All of which are directly or indirectly related to the food I put in my mouth.

So I’m eating better from now on.

This is going to require more effort on my part, which when you consider my depression is going to be a challenge.  So I thought – well it’s not hard to throw frozen veggies in a microwave, is it?

So this morning I made an omelet and nuked up some frozen veggies to go with it.

But frozen veggies in the microwave don’t taste very good.  I mean they’re not disgusting, but they don’t make you want to take all the bites until they are gone.

Mom’s veggies made me want to take all the bites.  Mom was good at cooking.

This healthy thing is going to be a challenge to my brain.  I’m going to have to figure out a better way, because if I don’t look forward to the food, I’ll choose a food that’s easier.

10 thoughts on “When Mom Made Veggies

    1. Yeah. I’m not planning on starting anything huge. Just trying to incorporate more good food and eat less crap, in particular less sugar.

      Ideally, if I can cut out the sweets and maintain that into habit, I will then begin to cut out most of the simple starches. I eat a lot of bread. But one step at a time. More veggies and proteins is the current thing.

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      1. Actually frozen veggies are just fine. Some people think they lose nutritional value, but the really don’t — plus they don’t have the salt and all the other chemicals that canned veggies can have. The nice thing about frozen veggies is that you can eat them year round! 🙂

        Yeah, cutting just sugar and bread out alone will do wonders!


      2. Cutting out bread can be hard because you can eat it at every meal and you can also snack on it, it’s a carrier for meat (or cheese) for sandwiches. I eat my burger without the bun and do lettuce wraps instead.

        My weaknesses tend to be cheese, chocolate and red wine. I can’t imagine a world without cheese!

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  1. Hooray for you. I love veggies on most things…veggie pizza, veggie quesadillas, veggie wraps, but you are right, fresh taste better! How about just having crisp raw veggies around to eat with your meals? No cooking involved but great taste! (PS: you forgot to mention how truly terrible Brussel sprouts smell when you cook them! I actually like them though! 😊)

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  2. Could you steam the vegetables ? instead of microwaving them ? maybe they’ll taste closer to what you remember 🙂 and then a bit of butter (a bit , not tons 😉 ) or olive oil and some herbs . A little fat makes everything taste better , your body needs it , and its the carbs that make us fat after all , so I’m told … not that I practice it (yet) .
    Turtle Hugs


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