Friends, I fear I may have misled you.

Yesterday, I was all about how organized I was being.  This may have led you to think that I FINISHED the project at hand.

But it turns out, upon waking up this morning, I have not.

I know, this came as a shock to me as well.  I was rather hoping that some kind of nanorobotic maid service would arrive and finish up the mess that represents the rest of my apartment.  But I guess I didn’t pay for that service because it’s still a mess here at Casa Sara.

But that Pantry though.  That is a work of art.  (although it is Labelless, so it’s probably not a masterpiece.)

I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that I am going to have to reorg my Living Room closet, where I keep all the cleaning supplies and emergency whatnots and whosits.

This really does call for some super extra value added will power, because I really don’t want to. I just want the apartment to look nice.

But the apartment is now filled with detritus from the Pantry and it needs to be put away.  In the Living Room Closet, which is filled to its capacity with stuff.  Much of which, I cannot tell you what it is.

Do you have a closet where you have stuff but you aren’t actually SURE what the stuff is?  Or is that just me?

Please tell me I’m not the only closet hoarder.  I pretend I don’t hoard because normally my living space is nicely sparse.  But the closets… That is another story.

4 thoughts on “Friends, I fear I may have misled you.

  1. My sympathies. I have a basement and attic where I “put” stuff that I don’t know what to do with. Recently I did a major cleanout that required multiple trips to multiple places and multiple bags for the trash man. I don’t know how I acquire so much stuff.

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    1. Right? I have spent the last 3 years CONSCIOUSLY trying to keep myself from buying stuff. And I really thought I was successful. But I still have lots of stuff.

      Some of it is old stuff that I don’t get rid of when I should though. That’s going to be the hard part.

      The pantry was pretty straight forward. This is now going to get hard.

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  2. I put all the “stuff” in the guest room and then invite people to stay over every once in awhile just so I have to clean it out and either get rid of it or find it a home. Lol.

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