The Mystery of the Key

Monday evening I got my mail and there was a key in the bottom of my mailbox.

It had a black plastic cover at the top but no markings.  It was a cheap feeling key.


We don’t have a package box, so it wasn’t that.  And I didn’t have any kind of postcard from the mailman indicating a package is down at the post office for me to retrieve.  And even if it was, surely it would have some kind of number or reference on it.  NONE.

I thought maybe it was the key the mailman uses to open the entire mailbox section so he can put in the mail, but it doesn’t fit there.

So now I have this weird key.  And I DON’T KNOW WHY!?

Its a mystery.

Maybe its the key to my future, but I don’t have any idea where to use it!



7 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Key

    1. That was the suggestion from my tumblr friends. I didn’t have any ads in the box on the day I pulled it out, but I suppose it could have been missed when I pulled something out before. I just pitch ads immediately, so…

      I suppose that’s the answer. How BORING. I can’t even get a decent mystery key. ;-D

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  1. Maybe some neighbor of yours is freaking out because he reminded his one-night stand at least 10 times to throw the key in the mailbox on her way out. And now he is so pissed that she forgot to do it anyway and so he doesn’t want to see her again, but she still has his damn key and now he has to call her to get it back, and suddenly he remembers that he didn’t catch her name much less write down her phone number . . .

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