That is a very cold squirrel through a very dirty window.  Trying to suck as much heat as he can from my open window in the 12F weather with added breeze.

I was just about to close that window, because while I normally keep it open in the winter because this building is heated like a Sauna in Hell, it has gotten a bit chilly.  Becauses 12F is COLD.   Plus breeze.

But if I shut the window, the squirrel will lose his tiny bit of heat.

I guess I can just snuggle under the damn comforter.

Poor little one.


5 thoughts on “Heartbreak.

    1. I know. He lives on the roof of this building and it’s just not a great place for squirrels. I haven’t seen what sort of home he’s cobbled together, but it’s clearly not super warm.
      He ought to spending a day like today deep in his nest asleep.

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  1. I have a soft spot for squirrels. Before we moved to Florida almost a year now, we lived on 10 acres in Missouri. It was squirrel country. We saved a little Fox Squirrel and named him Squee, he was released back to the wild by the rescue we took him to. We had a long relationship with Old Man squirrel and his daughter SuzyQ. Their stories and pictures are on my long ignored blog under “critters” in tags which are under Menu. We fell in love with those little brown squirrels. Thank you for leaving the window open… 🙂

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