What Politically Correct IS NOT

It is NOT an idea that Liberals disagree with.

It is NOT Orwellian mind control.

Is it NOT an attempt to change people’s internal prejudice.

It is an attempt to treat human beings with respect.  To use WORDS  that do not demean them.

That is all it is.  The only ones trying to project enormous earth shattering ideas on it are the people who want to have the ability to continue to be openly rude and prejudiced without repercussion.  And the people who don’t like people to disagree with their ideas.

Well if you want to be rude – go for it.

Politically Correct is just a social construct.  It’s not jail.  It’s just social pressure.

If you feel your right to treat humans with no respect is so important, go right ahead.  You aren’t going to get arrested.  You will, however, be treated to all the sort of social shaming that makes people uncomfortable.  The sort of discomfort that the people you are disrespecting feel when you blather away in your politically incorrect way.

If you want to discuss a social problem and you think that you are being stopped because you will be considered politically incorrect, PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PANTIES.

Controversial problems mean that people will disagree with you.  That is the nature of hammering out those issues.

Because people disagree with you, doesn’t mean you cannot discuss an issue.

Because people disagree doesn’t mean that the issue itself is politically incorrect.

Because people don’t like your ideas doesn’t mean your ideas are politically incorrect.  

People disagree.  That is how we live.

Pretending that you are being shut down from expressing your ideas because people disagree, and therefore it’s politically incorrect, is just you whining because you don’t like it when people don’t think like you do and then tell you that.

You ideas are not politically incorrect just because people don’t like them.  The way you express them, ie treating people with disrespect, may be politically incorrect.  But if you can act like an adult when you discuss your ideas, then you are probably not being politically incorrect, no matter how much a liberal may disagree with your position.

Politically Correct = Respect.


9 thoughts on “What Politically Correct IS NOT

  1. Great post. I would add being politically incorrect does not give anyone the license to lie or be a jerk. Both of these traits are lost on The Donald who a former colleague said, “lies all the time” and who has a history of using OPM as he is calling it – other people’s money. With 1 and 1/2 lawsuits per week, he is contentious with a lot of folks.

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  2. I agree 99%. The one percent comes from your sentence that “politically correct” is a social construct. I think the term was coined deliberately by the right half of political spectrum with the specific purpose of combating progressive ideas and their changing (expanding, opening) value systems that identified and tried to deal various abuses of the past.Basically the anti-political correctness argument is that “we don’t have to tolerate your new intolerance of our age-old intolerance”.

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    1. The history of the term is fascinating. It was originally part of Communist Party Line. There were strict rules about what was considered “politically correct” to say and do and those things were published as being within the communist philosophy and political stance. In America these guidelines were met with a bit of derision by communist party members and they began, among themselves, to gently mock the memos referring to politically correct.

      It spread, as many such terms do, and was eventually picked up as a catch phrase by various political parties – as what is the thing that you can say that will get you in the least hot water.

      From there it was taken up by the conservatives as a way to try and push Liberal buttons by using it with derision. And Liberals took it up in earnest – defending it as I just did today. Using words the convey respect.

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  3. I so disagree. Respect is wonderful but political correctness is when 3rd parties judge an action that was not upsetting in any way to the parties concerned is wrong because a particular phrase or action has been racist, sexist, or cruel in another context. If you had ever been in a planning meeting where every time you used a word like crazy or disabled or can’t about yourself and been stopped and redirected you would hate political correctness as much as I; I don’t mean I shouldn’t be corrected but it severely disrupts my autistic, anxious line of thought. I think given your own explanation of the origins the correct usage of the term political correctness is a 3rd party labeling words and actions as right or wrong without considering the context. I wonder if what is upsetting you is actually people misusing the term political correctness by labeling genuinely offensive and disrespectful behaviour as not PC. Just an opinion.


    1. Words have power. A lot of unseen power. And the power is given both by the person speaking the word and the person hearing it. Because the meaning of a word is experienced by people differently.

      My point is that if you use a word that doesn’t feel cruel, racist or sexist to you in that context, you don’t actually know how the people who hear it feel about it. You don’t know their history or personal background. We all make assumptions that we do know. But very often – we really don’t.

      And if you don’t intend to be that way, then why not use a word that isn’t known to be interpreted badly.

      The etymology of the phrase is not its current meaning. I am upset by people saying that political correctness is a way to end discussions. That they can’t address hot topics because its not politically correct. I call bullshit on that. Its how you address the topic not the topic. How you frame human beings in words.

      I get that people can take political correctness to a level bureaucratic nightmare. But as a daily everyday thing – I think it’s better to choose words that have less potential disrespect if you care about how someone may hear it.

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  4. I agree. It occurred to me that as the last couple of public outcry in Australia have been children unaware that what they were doing could cause offense not offending the ‘victim’ but being vilified by social media. This has probably made me over sensitive.

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